Starting Yoga Therapy

When you start Yoga Therapy for the first time, we review your health and lifestyle and (on this basis) provide you with a prognosis and a recommended course of action.   We ask you to

  1. Complete the attached form explaining your condition(s) Assessment Form
  2. Do some simple stretches and movements with your therapist observing you (on your own or in a group).
  3. Have a personal consultation usually lasts 30-45 minutes

Following your consultation, suitable yoga therapy practices are shown to you. You’ll practice these during the sessions to get familiar with them and gain confidence. Your Personalised programme to take home is designed specifically for your needs. Including:

  • Recommended practices together with their full instructions and diagrams
  •  A planner to help you stay motivated and complete your practice,
  • MP3 or CD of recordings for relaxation and specific breathing practices.

The fees for individual sessions are approximately £45 for one hour. Home visits can be arranged.   The fees for group classes range from £10 to £15.   Concessions are sometimes available for unwaged people and students

If you are in any doubt about your medical condition you should consult your medical practitioner.